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Why Fitnessity


A simple way to book active experiences online

Finding the right activity, workout, trainer or adventure can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Browse thousands active experiences from personal training, coaching, fitness classes, adventures & tours & much more.


A seamless booking process that saves time

Book for yourself or a family in one go. Choose an unlimited amount of activities or products and add it to the cart. Fitnessity handles all scheduling, and payments securely on your behalf.


Compare programs and prices

With the 'Add to Compare' feature, you can compare up to 3 activities and service providers, viewing details about the various programs, staff, reviews, prices, certifications, and much more.


Get Motivated

Whether you like to participate in activities one-on-one, with family, friends, or in a group, let Fitnessity be your accountability partner. Join the active community on the only dedicated social network for fitness. Network, share, comment & meet like-minded people interested in getting or staying active. Find your new fit fam at Fitnessity!

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